Mission & Vision

The Mission of the University is to rigorously pursue productive scientific and technological research leading to social, economic and political developments as well as the transformation of Kebbi State from an agricultural to an industrialized state, within this context, it is generally accepted in Kebbi State that the prospects of economic upturn are realizable through qualitative university education. Hence, the Kebbi State University of Science and Technology, as conceived, has been designed to play a crucial role towards facilitating this positive trend of economic and technological development.

As a result, the University will provide conducive environment where teaching, learning and research can take place, so that it can become an Institution that provides requisite knowledge and skills for self-reliance and development. The University will through its academic programme provide opportunities for students to acquire knowledge and practical experience which will enable them to be more of job creators than job seekers.

Our Vision

Considering the circumstances leading to the enactment of the Law establishing the Kebbi State University of Science and Technology, Aliero, the Vision is to provide a world-class University that will provide qualitative education with particular focus on the areas of science and technology with a view to producing top quality graduates for the development of the State in particular, Nigeria and other countries in general. The vision is therefore predicted on the development of the individual in the first instance and then reaping the multiplier effects of acquired knowledge and skills for the benefit of society.

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